Angel and Spike arguing
Angel and Spike
General Information

Spangel, Spangelus

Intimacy Level

Rumored to have been intimate once. Rivals during the past over Drusilla, and Buffy.

First Met

London, 1880


Allies, frenemies.

You are, ya ponce! You're my problem. You got it too good. You're king of a 30-floor castle, with all the cars, comfort, power, and glory you could ever want, and here I save the world, throw myself onto the proverbial hand grenade for love, honor, and all the right reasons, and what do I get? Bloody well toasted and ghosted is what I get, isn't it? It's not fair.
Spike to Angel [1]

The relationship between the vampires Angel and Spike.

Throughout canon Buffyverse

After William was turned by Drusilla and became Spike, Angelus was initially fond of him and they bonded over their shared love of death and having another male in The Whirlwind[2]. Spike even appeared to idolize him and looked up to him, at least part of his savagery and violence taught to him by Angelus. After twenty years, Angelus and Spike clashed over their different viewpoints of evil and violence. Spike saw it as being nothing for the rush, blindly jumping into any public brawl to have fun. Angelus was evil for the sake of evil and saw it as being an act of "art". Spike's continual public exposure caused The Whirlwind to go into hiding many times to be safe, much to Angelus' disgust.

Though allies on the side of good once ensoulled, Angel and Spike have always had a tense, unfriendly relationship. Angel reflected that much of their hostility originates from the fact that Spike, at least in part, wanted to be Angel, noting that every action Spike took was something Angel had done before him: Drusilla turned Spike as a substitute for what she couldn't have with Angelus, Spike attempted to take Angelus' reputation after the latter was ensouled, later became the second known vampire to repossess his soul, and perhaps most obvious, Spike fell in love with Buffy following Angel's long-lived relationship with her.

The most direct cause of their conflict seems to stem from their competition in the area of love; their attentions are very often focused on the same woman, Drusilla or Buffy (though in the case of Drusilla, Angel's interest was very much based on his soulless desire to hurt Spike, whom he knew had become pitifully attached to her). Angel and Spike's relationship worsened when they realized they both loved Slayer Buffy Summers. Angel, while never verbally admitting to it, felt jealous of Spike's sexual relationship with Buffy; the same can be said of Spike in regards to Angel's romance with her. They often had heated, verbal (and sometimes violent) disputes over Buffy.

Many characters have pointed out similarities between them; they are both ensouled vampires with intense love for the same woman, but both vehemently deny it, stating that they are nothing alike. Though both eventually fight on the side of good, their personalities tend to clash. Spike takes their mission far less seriously, although the two make an effective team against such foes as the guardians of the Deeper Well and their ensuing fight against Illyria.

And despite their constant antagonism, there does seem to exist some affection between them, as Spike appeared genuinely happy to see Angel and even hugged him upon their reunion in Sunnydale, and Angelus greeted Spike with a kiss on the forehead upon losing his soul (this was more of a degrading, symbolic gesture than a friendly one).

Though he tries to bury it, much of Angel's hatred of Spike also stems from guilt: he turned Drusilla, and was at least in part responsible for the chaos Spike reigned without a soul. Also, following Spike's sacrifice at the Sunnydale Hellmouth, Angel felt that because the Senior Partners had presented him with the Amulet, they had intended he give up his life instead. On the deepest level, Spike exists as a relic of Angel's most deplorable sins; Angel never foresaw a person with so much involvement in his past as Angelus becoming so profoundly involved in his future as a hero. Spike verbally accuses Angel of being a coward on numerous occasions.

During Spike's time in Wolfram & Hart, the two appear to have bonded. Angel at least began to accept Spike's presence in his group, though he remained reluctant to acknowledge Spike as a Champion or possible subject of the Shanshu Prophecy[3].

When they traveled to Rome to get Buffy away from The Immortal, they drank together, seemed to have equal concern for Buffy's well-being and shared rather comical jealousy and outrage towards The Immortal when they were told Buffy was dating him.

Angel often sees Spike as a nuisance, and Spike considers Angel very irritating and much too 'noble'. Still, they seem to have developed underlying respect towards each other. Angel and Spike also appear to have a sexual history, which has been implied many times but neither of them seem willing to discuss it.

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  2. The name that Angelus, Spike, Darla and Drusilla had as a group.
  3. Prophecy that states that the Vampire with a soul, after numerous apocalyptic battles, will become human again.